Aim and Scope of the course

The risk to food safety may present at various stages and will depend on the nature of the food business and handling operations. Hazards may be inherently present in the nature of the food, or there may be contamination potential during handling, or processing methods may contribute to risks.


The best food safety assurance principle is implementing and maintaining a high level of food hygiene controls at each stage of food handling. In the course of the training, we’ll also talk about the food safety programs that may be adopted for high –risk food sectors.


Aim of the course

This training course is aimed to provide you with core information and fundamental principles in preventing food risks and providing safe food.


Scope of the course

The requirements and principles set in this training course are not oriented toward specific food sector or profession in the food industry. The course will be suitable for anyone bearing responsibilities for establishing, maintaining and or enforcing food safety standards.


Important notice

Please, note, the requirements, practices and suggested control measures in this course is neither mandatory nor replacement for the applicable legal requirements. We strongly advise referring to the applicable legal requirement in addition to this training course.



The food pictures used in the course to illustrate unsafe and unsuitable foods may trigger a feeling of discomfort.