Aims and objectives of the course

Hundreds of employees are killed each year as a result of workplace incidents. Furthermore, thousands of employees are injured at various degrees, sustained ill-health condition or existing ill-health condition made worse.

Days away from work as a result of workplace incidents, injuries, ill health costs economies billions of USD. Another less frequently mentioned aspect of workplace incidents is the stress experienced by the employee and his/her family.

None of the information above is new to you and the industries. However, workplace incidents simply continue happening. Where and what are we doing wrong then? Incident investigations, analysis of findings and learning from them is the key to preventing the same or similar incident from happening in the future.

Investigations will provide you with crucial information, which is not easy to see and understand at first glance. Effective use of this information may help to advance risk control measures and your HSE management system. For the desired outcome, your investigation process should adopt a structured, systematic, competent approach to come up with an effective preventive plan.