Aim and scope of the course

The work environment where employees attend every day for work has a direct impact on the health and safety of employees, even though they do not perform hazardous activities directly. Employers, under applicable legal requirements, have the duty of providing the work environment without risk to health and safety of employees.


Aim of the course

This training course is aimed to provide information on good practices in managing the work environment for effective protection of employees’ health and safety and guide you through the selection of relevant practical control measures.


Scope of the course

Under the scope of the course we’ll cover the following aspects of the work environment;

-     Physical work environment - workstations, workspace, lighting, ventilation, air quality

-     Facilities – toilets, drinking water, dining areas, washing and changing rooms, personal storage areas, shelves

-     Remote and isolated work areas

-     Emergencies


Important notice

Please, note, the requirement and suggested control measures in this course is neither mandatory nor replacement for the applicable legal requirement to your workplace. In combination with this course, we strongly advise referring to the applicable legal requirement as well.