Aim and scope of the course

Lifting operations are one of the most critical activities in the workplace, requiring a high level of commitment by all involved and responsible levels, competence and resources to ensure health and safety of all involved personnel. Key to the success of any lifting operation is effective planning, discussing, communicating, preparing and executing.

Where the correct and safe lifting practices allow us to move large, even enormous objects, eliminating the need for manual handling, incorrect lifting practices may result in fatalities, serious injuries, extreme financial loss and long term operational interruptions.

Scope of the course

This course will cover the development of a safe system of work for lifting operations, including the planning, assessment, communication, organization, implementation and management of lifting operations. It should be noted that the principles and the requirements set in this course are a guidance only and cannot be a replacement for applicable legal requirements of the requirements that your particular company follows.

The objective of the course

Analyzing lifting operations clearly shows that the incidents occur due to failures and gaps almost at all critical stages the operation; planning, communication, preparation and execution. The objective of this course is to raise awareness and increase the competence level of critical personnel involved in the lifting operations. Increased awareness and competence will allow the critical personnel to effectively plan the lifting operation and reduce the risk as low as reasonably practicable at every stage of the operation.