Aim and scope of the course

The combination of oxygen and fuel gases has is used to welding, flame-cutting, heating, flame treatment etc. The choice of fuel gas depends on its chemical properties of burning in air or oxygen and job-specific requirements, such as quality, safety, health etc. Acetylene and propane are the most widely used, however, other gases used for combination as well.


The combination of these gases and oxygen and failure to control the combination effectively may result in a flammable and explosive atmosphere other than intended. To ensure that this undesirable scenario is avoided, a proper risk assessment of the process hazards and risks should be conducted, applicable legal requirements on these installations or any modification to them should be followed.


Aim and Scope of the course

The scope of this training course covers industry-wide adopted safe practices in the use, inspection and maintenance of oxy-fuel welding, cutting, heating equipment in a form of individual portable or mobile cylinder gas supplies, controlled by a cylinder mounted regulator.


We’ll also talk about the recommended training practices for safe use of the equipment and the potential emergency scenarios that may be occurring during the use, including what actions should be taken as part of the emergency procedures.